Legal Aid Accounts

Grieve & Co provide a wide range of services and expertise in connection with the preparation of all types of Legal Aid Accounts. We are also able to assist you with dealing with the Scottish Legal Aid Board in relation to account queries, adjustments and taxation if necessary. With your permission we can also prepare Legal Aid Accounts using the Scottish Legal Aid Board’s online system.

Private Client Feeing

We undertake the feeing of all Private Client business, whether by way of Narrative Fee Note or itemised Account, and whether in respect of Court work, Tribunals, General Business or Conveyancing.
Our many years of experience enable us to assess a “fair and reasonable” level of fee for all types of business, and to give an accurate assessment of any additional Responsibility element applicable in terms of the Law Society’s guidelines.

Executry, Trust and Power of Attorney Feeing

We provide a quick and efficient service in Trust and Executry feeing and are happy to provide our own “Certificate of Fee” and to justify our fee at Taxation.
We can also undertake the preparation of:

  • Accounts Charge and Discharge
  • Schemes of Division
  • Executry and Trust Statements of Income and Charges
  • Account to Executors and Beneficiaries

Judicial Accounts

Grieve & Co are highly experienced in the preparation of Judicial Accounts for all types of proceedings in the Court of Session, Sheriff Courts and Arbitrations.
Our expertise is in maximising the recovery of Judicial Expenses on your Clients’ behalf and we utilise our considerable experience to assess the most remunerative method of charging.
This service does not end on return of your Account. We will advise and assist in adjustment or Taxation.


Grieve & Co have considerable experience in the conduct of Taxations within the Sheriffdoms throughout Scotland and also within the Court of Session
We have dealt with Party/Party Taxations at all levels and have negotiated settlement of disputed Agent/Client fees and have conducted lengthy (4 weeks) Agent Client Taxation before the Auditor of the Court of Session.
Please contact us for more detail about our taxation services relative to your requirements.

Remote Online-Access Feeing Service

A more recent development within the Scottish Legal Profession is a move towards paperless files and the increased use of technology based time-recording systems. Some of our clients require us to remotely access these systems to prepare their accounts.

In-House Feeing Service

We are able to offer an “in-house feeing service” on either a one-off basis or on a regular basis by prior arrangement.

File Maintenance

Grieve & Co deal with a vast range of files so we are in a unique position to advise on file maintenance and how to ensure the proper recording of work undertaken is translated into the appropriate level of fee.

C.P.D. Seminars

We are happy to attend at Clients’ offices to conduct informal in-house C.P.D. Seminars focusing on our areas of expertise.